Silvan 50L Quad Bike Sprayer

SKU: RP50-P1 $675.00

Silvan Quad Bike and Rakpak sprayers are designed to fit neatly on quad bikes and meet the strict weight requirement of these vehicles. The Wrap around design allows for a lower centre of gravity, essential for improved quad bike safety. UV stabilised polytuff tank.

• UV Stabilized Polytuff tanks
• Selecta 5.3L/min open flow pump, 4 Bar/60psi max pressure
• Spotjet spraygun with 500mm stainless steel lance and adjustable nozzle
• Chemical resistant Viton valves & TPU diaphragms
• 6m of 8mm delivery hose
• 3m battery cable with alligator clips
• Ratchet straps to secure to quad (pair included)
• Anti-spill barrier around lid to protect rider

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